The Book Breakdown: August

August feels like the unofficial new year, as it marks back to school for Oklahoma. Back to school this year was super weird, of course, since it’s still 2020. My oldest had been at college for a month and my youngest had a hybrid of virtual and in-person learning that had, let’s just say, a lot of bugs to work out.

I was really craving normal life but the pandemic routine kept rolling. Had a few socially-distant outings but they were few and far between (pun intended). I continued with my pandemic pattern of baking, running, drinking, binge watching Cold Case, and reading.

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The Book Breakdown: July

Hello, 50! Not even a pandemic can stop the march of time, and this is the month that I mark the anniversary of half a century of life. It’s a milestone, one that we were going to properly fete with travel and celebration. Instead it was a low-key at home celebration and a viewing of Hamilton on Disney+. I kept a steady schedule of running but short distances. I figure any movement is forward movement, right? Added in a 2 week strength challenge to try to kick start me into a more varied workout plan … spoiler alert, it did not work. And I counted down to my oldest going off to college in the middle of this year of uncertainty about a full month before I anticipated he would have to leave because of some summer program that we signed him up and paid for ourselves, to add insult to injury.

So mostly during July I ran, did a little raging, drank a lot of wine, sent my baby out into the world and read a lot of books.

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The Book Breakdown: June

June! We are almost halfway into 2020, which is quickly devolving into the year of the shit show. It’s the month when I moved to a new job that is also work from home, when a midday run to Tractor Supply counted as a date, when we bought cornhole boards. The promise of summer made some people think that the virus would abate, some did not. I continued to run and walk and walk and crochet and drink wine and read.

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The Book Breakdown: May

This month should have been marked by final projects and exams and graduation … instead it was marked with a fizzle. We started to get into a groove and the idea that this may last beyond the next month started to feel palpable. I started quarantine baking, making scones and brownies and cookies and lemon bread. I waited on a final selection offer from a job that finally came at the end of the month and then agonized over whether it was the right idea to change jobs (spoiler alert: it was). I joined a book club. And then I joined another book club.

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Let’s Pretend

Let’s pretend everything is okay. It’s not a pandemic. It’s not a time of civil unrest and violence.

Let’s pretend it hasn’t been almost a year since I had a haircut, traveled, made plans. Let’s pretend that I don’t feel like I’m trapped in a prison of my own making, that some days I just want to scream and relieve myself of tension, break things and punch walls. Let’s pretend I don’t feel buckets of guilt for that.

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The Book Breakdown: April

I carry a paper planner and my April calendar spread was bleak. A bunch of crossed out travel plans, canceled races, and not a whole lot else, to be honest. I went days at a time without leaving the house. My husband was the designated hunter/gatherer and he would return from the big box store to regale us with tales of hoarding and madness and empty shelves. And the month that was supposed to have culminated in a long-anticipated half marathon instead started off with a back injury, 2 days in bed on muscle relaxers, a cortisone shot, and slow road back to running. There was wine. And there were books.

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The Book Breakdown: March

I think I liked February because it was the normalcy before the storm. March is when shit started getting real. The first of many planned races were moved to virtual events. It’s when I had to call to cancel a long-anticipated family trip to California for my oldest’s graduation because we were afraid we would get caught in the shutdown (spoiler alert: we would have). It’s when my kids and kids all over the country were told not to return to their schools after spring break. It’s where we started planning for weathering this storm that we couldn’t even imagine lasting past summer.

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The Book Breakdown: February

You guys, February 2020 was my favorite month. Things were so much simpler then! It was a jam-packed 29 days … I had a trip to D.C. for work where I also met up for dinner with an old and dear friend, a romantic weekend away to celebrate my husband’s milestone birthday, a haircut, a trip to Louisiana for work, and a date night on Leap Day because it’s the anniversary of our first date 28 years ago. Life was good, y’all.

I also did some reading, though not quite as much as I did in January.

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